About Us

Here at Browco, we have the great privilege of serving our wonderful customers in 10 stores across NSW and QLD. Our vision is to create professional, up market and satisfying experience for all our customers, whilst maintaining it at affordable pricing.
At Browco, we pride ourselves on giving our employee’s the opportunity to develop their skills needed to continue to grow their passion for beauty, into other avenues and career progression within Browco. Training and upskilling our staff in eyelash extension techniques is quintessential within Browco for making our therapists the best lash technicians Australia has to offer.
Our latest Chermside store is going to be the exact replica that Browco envisioned back in 2012, to create the most beautiful brow and lash bar Australia has seen and outshining any of our competitors. We believe in using the highest quality lash extensions and offering multiple services in eyelash Extensions weather it's MINK, Hybrid and Russian Volume eyelash extensions.
Brow Shaping is a form of art and can transform you face within minutes. We believe mapping out each Brow wax Shape will improve your face symmetry whilst a eyebrow Tint can enhance our brows arch and show up all the light hairs across the tail of the brow. We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy Brow Shaping and applying eyelash extensions. xx
Trace Switzer
Trace SwitzerLisa Hocking